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Dompet Dhuafa Education Divission Got ISO Certificate

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 became history dasy for Dompet Dhuafa Education Divission. It coincided with OHARA (Olimpiade Humaniora/ Humanioora Olympic) event 2013 over Java. In this event, there was delivery ISO 9001:2008 certificate ceremonial.

To have this certificate is not an easy process, at least it needed 15 months for employees of education divission prepared and fixed the system to get this certificate. In her speech, Sri Nurhidayah as Dompet Dhuafa Education Deputi Director, said thank to all employees that had worked so hard to prepare and fixed the system to be better service. Dompet dhuafa Education Divission that have certified is Indonesia SMART Ekselensia, Education Makmal, Indonesia Beastudy and Indonesia Teacher School.

This certificate is not only document, but also a proof and motivation to work better to serve citizens. “ISO 9001:2008 certificate submission as lisence of excelent management system in education divission” said Nyoman Susila as SAI GLOBAL Managing Director before giving ISO 9001:2008 certificate. “ This certificate is as guarantee for benefit receiver and stakeholders that this institution has had standard in its service” his said.

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