We’re Leaders, Simply Cause We’re Deserve It


A Propaganda Articles For Baktinusa 2017 From: Muhammad Abdullah ‘Azzam

Student in Sebelas Maret Unversity, Surakarta and Beasiswa Aktivis Nusantara Awardee, 6th Generation.

Many people thought, becoming a leader is something impossible, even they think, it is not necessary to become a leader. Even if I believe, many people in this country, know and understand this country need someone or something to fix lot of problem that happened in this country. I believe there’s a lot of people outside, always talking about how worst their leader are, how bad their experience when facing the country system, how the need some revolutionary ideas, and lot of things that probably, better ideas than anything that could find by people in government. But again and again, lot of ideas, lot of talks just become something nonsense, because the main problem, these kind of people, lot of them, doesn’t ready to become, or realize their talks or ideas, simply because they do not want to become the starter, the first generation, or simply, lead the people around throughout their ideas. So, many people naturally want to become a leader according to their talks or ideas, but, when we are talking about the realization, the truth is only few people that deserve it. Only few people that worth enough to become a leader.

Frist Problem, Background

Many historian believe, leader is not always a person that had a strong background, like prince or business heir. Many leaders, come and then create their own background. We know that Hitler before was a musician that always tortured by his father. And yet, when he become a leader, world knows he is an ordinary evil-genius people. Everybody know, that Thomas Alfa Edison was a son from normal lumberjack family, and when Edison was young, he burn his family warehouse to understand, what will happen when a fire comes. But know, every people in this world should thank to Edison because he found the light bulb, then become a basic of electricity. Even if we are talking about religious and best human being in this world, Muhammad SAW, that’s true he is coming from a famous family in Mecca history. But, when Muhammad come with ideas of islam, his family background doesn’t worth enough, even from protecting him and his family from eating dirt and dry grass.

Many people tell me especially, “I am a normal person, I have no special abilities, I have not enough money”, and many people thought that kind of reason was a logical reason, logical reason not to do more. So, when they come with normal background, they said “I cannot do more, I just want to become normal”, bit, the reality is, leadership can coming up from an intense study, lot of experience, and hardworking attitude. Yes, an upper class people maybe got many access to learn about leadership, even many of them since they’re born, they have become a heir of their company, or have a moral duty to become an important person in society, just like their father or mother was. But, when we are talking about leadership or a person to become a leader, everybody worth for it, all of people in this world simply deserve it.

I’ll just make an exception for people when have moslem background. Even I f somehow background doesn’t necessary to affect leadership attitude, but when It comes to ideological background, lot of things will change. As a moslem, we have a duty to become the best leader, the kindest people, kindest man, in this world. It is simply because Allah SWT said and we believe, our religion is a perfect one, only truth in this world. So, with this exception, whatever our social background are, when we are a moslem, we are Allah’s Caliph in this world, the kindest people between the kind, and leader, in our daily life.

Second Problem, Leader is About Trust

Trust is first thing I learn, when I myself become a leader in many organization. Trust is simply an indicator, how good your leadership could be, or how worst it can be. When you have won your people trust, you win. But, when you cannot protect it, you will loose everything. It is a simple thing that could imagine what happened in this country. President Jokowi in 2014 could win people trust, in many ways. But, in this last 2 years, probably many people lost their trust to him, and we can see, whatever happened with Indonesia, many people just doesn’t care, even a little.

So, become leader, means become the people most trusted man and woman. The result that come from this trust even could make people will die for you. Muhammad SAW and William Wallace could become a simple example for this. So, creating trust means, you must be trusted first. Yes you can “make” people trust you by bribing or making political agreement, but that’s simply wont last long. Just look at Nazi Operation Barbarossa and American Gulf War. Operation Barbarossa made Soviet attach Nazi in east front, and America Gulf War had make Iran, become the next America enemy. So, trust means trusted, and trusted means to belief. Role model for good is the answer, how you can simply won people trust. Answering their problem then become a technical solution to become trusted man In society.

And continue to make a dialogue, ideas sharing, could keep that trust for long time. So, the basic skill for become a trusted person, was become a good listener, and a polite speaker. Every young people could do this, trust me. We’re living in world know no boundaries, we can easily find out how we could be an American in few second. This learning power, could create an individual with many international capabilities, and also, this kind of world simply could make us, young people-next generation, become a very nice and decent listener and speaker. So, what are we waiting for? Just act, and won people trust.

Last but Not Least, Courage and Believe

Having a strong self confidence or strong believe actually was a hardest problem when we’re intended to become a leader. This is my poster, when I test myself to entering college political experience. And by far, UNS know I lost, even if we won in 9 (nine) faculty from 10 (ten faculty), that’s still not enough to become the next “presiden BEM UNS”. But at least, my people knows I am a fighter, I am a courage man that come from nothing but than suddenly, try to stand on top of every student in my university. Probably, that’s my bittersweet experience after all.

But I believe, I didn’t do wrong. Lot of leaders before me, have shown us, how to become a true leader. Just look at, how William Wallace could become an agent of freedom for the Scottish. Just look, what happened to Islamic Warrior trio, Abdullah bin Rawahah, Ja’far bin Abu Thalib, and Zaid bin Haritsah, they die, but their army could won an impossible fight, between 3000 moslem against 200.000 byzantine alliance in Mu’tah war. Just look about what happened to Pangeran Dipongoro, his courage could make Imperial Netherland feel dizzy and stress for about 5 years, a great loss for the Netherlander, and early wins for Indonesia fight for freedom.

From all those heroes, I learned something, and you must be learn that too. Their courage equal with their believe, believe about how worth theirs struggle are, how can they become victorious. And that believe are transformed to a long last spirit. And that spirit, was a different taste between a leader and an imposter.


So for You, Moslem Generation, Here’s The Chance

Lot of people care about this leadership issue. And lot of them have created an interesting program to answer bunch of problem, some of this I had mentioned before.

Dompet dhuafa was an organization that simply wants to make lot of leader. So they come with an idea to create lot of leader since they are young. And when we are talking about university, university is a place, that lot of activist rise and shine. So, here’s a chance for you, my fellow next moslem leader, just visit our web in http://www.beastudiindonesia.net/seleksi-nasional-beasiswa-aktivis-nusantara-bakti-nusa-2017/ . Understanding it requirement, try to fulfill it, because you’ll get lot of thing that even myself still cannot believe it. Maybe you will encounter lo of problem, fell free to ask me on my email in felloloffee@gmail.com or my social media account in @azzam_abdul4 or in my Facebook, Azzam Jual Sepatu. Also feel free to send my whatsapp messages in my number, +6295647058903. I will try to become a good tutor for you.

We’re Leader, Simply Because We’re Deserve It.


Muhammad Abdullah ‘Azzam

Yang Fakir di Hadapan Allah.

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